Polka Shorts: Adult Dabu | Dark Brown

The fabric in the Dabu collection is handmade from start to finish. Hand carved wooden blocks and dipped into a mud paste to create a resist print. The fabric is dipped into natural dye bath. The process is traditional to Indian textiles. It's earthy, reliant on nature and skilled artisans. 

These Dabu shorts are loose fitting & comfortable. The waist has a drawstring in the front and an elastic at the back, offering maximum adjustment. Designed for all times to beat the summer heat at home, out on the beach or the pool. 

Fabric: 100% cotton | handmade using dabu- mud resist | natural dyes- Indigo

Designed in DC | Made in India

Size: One size. Please see measurements.
Adjustable waist: 20" to 46" 
Hips: 46" 
Length: 14"

Care: Preferred method, hand wash & air dry to avoid shrinkage and best care for the Dabu fabric. Otherwise, machine wash cold, tumble dry low heat. 

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