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mirasa whales in process

Mirasa specializes in screen printed, organic cotton clothing for infants and toddlers. Our newest collection, Dabu, is made from a traditional mud-resist block printing technique originally found in India. 

The designs made for Mirasa always start in the same place: by sketching, sketching again, and asking for customer input. It’s the application of the design that makes each piece so special. Read on for more information on how our designs come to life!

whale creative process

Organic Cotton collection features a rainbow of original and whimsical prints on onesies, footed pajamas, blankets, beanies, and more. These made-from-scratch unisex designs start as sketches, quickly morph into a repeating pattern, and finally are sent off to our vertically-integrated producer groups. They handle the whole process: our producers purchase GOTS-certified cotton, knit it into fabric, screen print with our designs, and finally cut and sew into the pieces you see. The focus is on the “sameness” of each print. A consistent impression and a consistent result gives more room for details—the printer has almost total control. From giraffes to porcupines to whales (coming soon!), our Organic Cotton line is meant to be really lived in by your littles: perfect for everyday adventures, cherished memories, and limitless play. 

mirasa dabu - polka

Dabu collection features a process traditional to Indian textiles. Hand-carved wooden blocks are dipped into a mud paste to create a resistant print on cotton. Then, the fabric is dipped into a natural dye bath; our rich blues come from the indigo plant, while our golden forest yellows come from a bath made of myrobalan, an herb native to South Asia. Finally, the waves of fabric are spread under the brilliant Indian sun for drying before they are washed to release the resist. When one of our original designs is turned into Dabu-printed fabric, small details are taken away in unexpected ways. Although it's the same block used to print each impression, the result is just always different—leaving no control once dipped into the dye. It's a process reliant on nature and skilled artisans. 

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