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How does an idea make a responsible journey to become a product? 

Quality—of maker, of environment, and of product—is key to Mirasa. In order to prioritize the quality of all our products, we work primarily with producer groups across India who comply with conscious and rigorous production standards and certifications. Our original designs are passed directly to our producers; from there, makers and artisans work in sustainable conditions to create the product that you hold in your hands. When you purchase an item from Mirasa, you are supporting living wages, healthcare, and paid sick leave for artisans and receiving unique, handmade, and earth-friendly products.

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Mirasa is also made with a “less waste” mindset. From the renewable energy used by our producer groups to the compostable shipping materials we use, we hope that you might consider how to get more life out of your clothing purchase. Our products are unisex, so they are truly perfect for hand-me-downs: dresses can become tunics; tunics can start as long tops and end up shorter over time. As we continue to populate our beloved Earth with more things, we hope to offer a product that allows for more than just a single moment. 

organic cotton GOTS

Mirasa producers comply with these standards and carry these certifications: 

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified
  • Fair Trade certified
  • WRAP certified
  • SA8000 certified
  • Living wages, healthcare, and paid sick leave offered to all employees
  • Factories use renewable energy: solar panels power sewing units; waste water and rain water are recycled for dyeing & printing 
  • Factories use an established methodology to manage quality assurance issues, including quality standards from the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC)