about mirasa

our mission

Inspired by everyday life, Mirasa makes comfortable, affordable, and unisex clothing for kids. In Hindi, “mirasa” means “heritage.” Taking a cue from the heritage of our founder, Aashumi Shah, Mirasa is dedicated to the highest quality of fair, sustainable, and socially conscious practices while giving back to girls’ education in India. 

our story 

I’m Aashumi, designer and owner of Mirasa Design. Mirasa began when I designed a simple set of colourful, whimsical toys for my niece’s first birthday while working as a textile designer in New York City. I was inspired by her creative and playful imagination. I started saving for my future brand by taking on freelance work while living and working in New York City. Two years later I married a public defender and moved to Washington DC with an SUV full of my belongings and hard-earned savings to invest. 

Moving from the design capital to DC was a huge shift – there was no design job waiting for me, just my own ambition and the feeling that I needed to create something. In 2010, Mirasa was born. The brand has since evolved from toys to a line of organic cotton baby basics. We arrived here naturally, based on how many of my customers asked for onesies to match their toys and on my own experiences as a mother. When my son was born in 2013, our clothing line expanded; I wanted easy-to-wear basics for Akira’s adventures. He continues to inspire me as we produce new designs and styles.

mirasa shark onesie
Mirasa clothing is meant for everyday wear and life. It’s specifically designed to be easy and comfortable for a little one to play and explore. Plus, our GOTS-certified cotton is super soft! It washes well, lasts long, and works great as a hand-me-down to siblings and friends. Focusing on unisex clothing is a big part of my process because a child's world is unique and limitless.  
mirasa blanket

Growing up in Mumbai, India, I feel incredibly fortunate for the education I received. An important part of the Mirasa mission is to give back; a portion of every purchase goes to Room to Read, a non-profit supporting literacy and girls’ education in India.

Thank you for your time. Happy Shopping!