Dabu Safari Set

For a very special little in your life.

Gift Set includes:
1 Dabu safari tunic
1 Dabu safari pant
1 reusable gift wrap bag
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The fabric in the Dabu collection is handmade from start to finish. Hand carved wooden blocks and dipped into a mud paste to create a resist print. The fabric is dipped into an Indigo dye bath. The process is traditional to Indian textiles. It's earthy, reliant on nature and skilled artisans.  

Fit: The are designed with a loose fit for everyday life; learning, playing, eating, napping and whatever else you can squeeze into the day!

Fabric: 100% cotton | handmade using dabu- mud resist | natural dyes- indigo
Designed in DC | Made in India

Care: Preferred method, handwash & air dry to avoid shrinkage and best care for hand sewn self covered button. Otherwise, machine wash cold, tumble dry low heat. 

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